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The Lazy Camel Club Welcomes You

The Journey Begins Now...

About Us

Welcome to the Lazy Camel Club, home of the worlds most renowned desert wanderer on the Polygon Blockchain. Join the Club and embark on the journey of 4,999 unique camel NFT’s and the stories they portray through their individual traits and treasures. What treasures lie ahead for our nomadic camels?

Our goal for this NFT is to enrich the world with the beauty and majesty of camels - to help understand the ancient appreciation and rich culture surrounding them. The camel has been used for centuries as a brave battle-charger, a loyal travelling companion and necessity for survival amongst the nomadic tribes of the desolate deserts. Many cultures currently commemorate camels by hosting camel showcase events as well as camel racing. We hope that our project will draw in positive exposure and appreciation to these exalted animals by celebrating their heritage. 

All owners of the Lazy Camel Club NFT will gain access to our membership club and me part of the Nomadic Tribe! This includes many fun bonus content. Additionally, owners of the magical traits will gain access to a secret group within the Nomadic Tribe, called the Tomb Raiders, which will give exclusivity and information to new upcoming NFT collection drops.

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Our Roadmap...Our Journey


Building The Tribe

Our first goal is to make our stance amongst the social media world. The Lazy Camel Club name will be stamped across Instagram, Twitter, Discord and Reddit


First 100

The first 100 LCC NFT's will be minted and released for sale on Opensea. This would allow the community to witness the artwork and purchase our NFT's firsthand, without the need to mint it yourself


Rewarding The First 100 Tribesman

As a thank you for support in the early stages in our project. The owners of the first 100 will be rewarded with exclusive camel themed gifts, ranging from packages of real camel milk and future discounted prices within the project


Whitelist Minting

A select few people - those most active amongst the community - will be given VIP access to officially mint their very own LCC NFT at a lower price


Public Minting

Public minting will be enabled after the round of whitelist minting has completed. Allowing all those in our community the chance to be first owners of our NFT


Merchandise Release With Owner Royalty

As more and more people begin to mint their own LCC NFT, some of the community would want to showcase it. Merchandise ranging from t-shirts, hoodies, hats and plush toys - all customisable to match your NFT. Owners will also be able to receive a royalty for any additional merchandise sale with their NFT design


Lazy Camel Racing Game

A Camel Racing Game will be released, where owners would be able to  race their camel against other holders for great prizes. Additionally, the Camel Racing game will also be adopting a betting system, where non-LCC holders can bet on the owners camel. Allowing the owner to receive a percentage of the winning


Into The Metaverse...

Owners of the Lazy Camel Club NFT will be able to acquire an animated 3-D modelled camel representing their NFT within the metaverse. Allowing holders to showcase their camels as pets


Metaverse Racetrack Land Purchase

The Lazy Camel Club will purchase a plot of land in the metaverse that will be converted into a Camel Racetrack.  This will be home to all 4,999 Lazy Camel NFT's and be the hub for the Camel Race game


Real Life Camel Racing Events

Our final goal of the Lazy Camel Club is to grant exclusive access to worldwide camel racing events. Major events are held in Australia, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This would allow our holders to experience first hand the majesty and the beauty of Camel Racing, while also partaking in the illustrious culture behind Camel Racing

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Our Team

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